Labor Unions Get Behind Torrens for Florida Attorney General

Tampa, FL- Today, Ryan Torrens, Democrat for Florida attorney general, announced that the Plumbers, Pipefitters, HVAC Service Technicians Local Union 123 and the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 487-District 925 have endorsed his

“As an attorney, Ryan has tirelessly battled some of the largest corporations in the country on behalf of our consumers. It is time that we have an attorney general who will stand up against the special interests and put people first,” Todd Vega, Business Manager of Local Union 123, said.

“Growing up in a working-class family, Ryan understands the problems facing our everyday working Floridians. For years, Ryan has fought for everyday Floridians who are just like our hardworking members and their families,” Jim Junecko, Business Representative of Local 487, said.

“I am very proud to have earned the endorsements of Local 123 and Local 487. These two local unions represent some of the hardworking Floridians that want an attorney general who will fight for them. When I am the attorney general, I will fight relentlessly for our hardworking consumers,” Torrens said.


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Florida Representative Amy Mercado Endorses Ryan Torrens for Attorney General

TAMPA, FL- Today, Ryan Torrens announced Florida State Representative Amy Mercado, Florida District 48, is endorsing his campaign for Florida Attorney General.

“The people of District 48 and all across Florida need a fighter and champion like Ryan Torrens who will fight for them as their attorney general. He has fought for his clients against the biggest banks in this country and will fight for all Floridians when he’s elected.”

“As a mother, wife, and businesswoman, I fully support Ryan Torrens as our new attorney general in Tallahassee,” Mercado said.

“Representative Mercado is a strong voice for good paying jobs and economic security, and if elected as the next Florida attorney general, I will be proud to fight alongside her for these same issues,” Torrens said.

“The people of Florida need leaders in Tallahassee who will fight for the interests of every single Floridian, not just the special interests or the largest corporations. Together, Representative Mercado and I will ensure that all voices are heard in Tallahassee.”


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Ryan Torrens to Tampa Electric: Stop Putting Profits Ahead of Worker Safety

TAMPA, FL – Ryan Torrens, Democratic candidate for Florida attorney general, is demanding that Tampa Electric Company (“TECO”) immediately reevaluate safety measures in the wake of the recent incident at TECO’s Big Bend power plant and its horrendous track record on worker safety.

Last month, TECO employees and contractors were attempting to clean a tank when the slag that can reach temperatures of 1,000 degrees exploded out of an access opening onto the men. Five workers have died from injuries sustained from the molten slag.

This recent Big Bend incident joins a series of worker safety incidents at TECO. According to the Tampa Bay Times, of power plant fatalities across the state, half are attributed to TECO even though TECO covers less than 10 percent of households.

Since the most recent tragedy, I have had the privilege of meeting with Mr. Doug Bowden, business manager of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (“IBEW”) Local 108, who represents the TECO workers. As early as last September, the Union had warned TECO management of the risk of requiring TECO workers to work on the slag tanks while they are online. Despite employee concerns and demand for a change in protocol, TECO management refused to make any changes and continued to require the workers to work on slag tanks while they are online.

Mr. Bowden has made three simple and reasonable demands for TECO to improve safety and save lives. These demands are: 1) no employee be required or allowed to work on a slag tank while the Unit is online 2) no employee be terminated for declining to take what he or she determines to be an unsafe action and 3) if a safety issue reaches the formal grievance process, that all three safety grievance steps be heard within 30 days to allow for alternative actions to be taken in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, TECO has not taken these demands seriously and therefore does not take the safety of their workers seriously. “TECO’s last CEO retired with a golden parachute of $21.3 million, but TECO refuses to take worker safety seriously if it cuts into their profits. This is wrong,” said Torrens. “I join Mr. Bowden and call upon TECO to immediately meet these reasonable demands to ensure the safety of their workers and avoid future accidents,” said Torrens.


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Ryan Torrens, Candidate for Florida Attorney General, Discusses Past Battle With Alcohol Addiction

TAMPA, FL – Ryan Torrens, Democratic candidate for Florida attorney general, will publicly discuss his past battle with alcohol addiction on WFLA, News Channel 8, this Sunday, July 16, 2017, at 9:30 a.m.

“At one point in my life, it became apparent that I was experiencing a chemical dependency on alcohol, and I sought counseling and began attending meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. Through the support of family, including my partner Francesca Yabraian, professional counseling, and the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, I achieved sobriety,” said Torrens.

“I would never seek the honor of holding public office without the gift of sobriety,” said Torrens.

“As someone who has personally experienced the challenges of addiction, I believe this makes me particularly well-suited to tackle Florida’s opioid epidemic,” said Torrens.

“Our people are dying and our families are being destroyed by the ravages of opioid addiction. Many of our fellow Floridians are quietly battling drug addiction and are afraid to seek help due to the stigma of addiction,” said Torrens.

“It is time we end the stigma of addiction so that our fellow Floridians will come out of the shadows and seek the treatment they need,” said Torrens.

“The opioid dealers need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but we cannot solve this epidemic until we come together as a state to provide the treatment necessary to rescue our fellow Floridians from the throes of addiction,” said Torrens.

“Our people are desperate for leadership on this issue, and I am ready to provide that leadership. As a first step, I will soon be taking a private tour of the detox unit at The Oasis at Tampa Community Hospital and will be speaking with the hospital staff about this crisis. It is critical to listen, especially to those dealing with this crisis on the ground level on a daily basis,” said Torrens.

“My message to our people suffering from opioid addiction is clear: you too can achieve your dreams. You do not have to die as an addict. As fellow Floridians, we are here to help you once again become a contributing member of society. Together, we can heal the wounds of addiction,” said Torrens.

“This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. This is a matter of life and death. While politicians in Tallahassee play political games, our people are dying every day. This is wrong. If elected attorney general, I will be prepared to tackle this issue on day one,” said Torrens.


Ryan Torrens takes stand against Governor Scott’s Court Packing Scheme

TAMPA, FL – Ryan Torrens, Democratic candidate for Florida attorney general, has announced his fierce opposition to Governor Rick Scott’s attempt to pack the Florida Supreme Court.

Governor Scott has declared his intention to appoint successors to justices Fred Lewis, Barbara Pariente, and Peggy Quince on his last day in office and the same day as our newly-elected governor will be sworn into office.

“In 2014, Florida voters had an opportunity to approve a constitutional amendment which would have permitted this practice, and our voters rejected it,” Torrens said. “Governor Scott needs to respect the wishes of Florida voters and permit our new governor to appoint the replacement justices. After all, a newly-elected governor better reflects the will of the people rather than a governor elected four years ago.”

The Florida League of Women Voters and Common Cause have filed a petition requesting the Florida Supreme Court block Governor Scott from appointing the justices’ replacements.

“I encourage the Florida Supreme Court to affirm the will of the voters and to find that this appointment power rests with the newly-elected governor, not the outgoing governor,” said Torrens.

“I also call on attorney general Bondi to take a stand against our governor’s attempt to pack our Supreme Court. We should rise above partisan politics and respect the wishes of our voters. When I am your attorney general, I will always fight for our people over entrenched special interests, even if that means standing up to our governor,” said Torrens.


Message to Governor Scott: Protect Our Voters Private Data

TAMPA, FL – Ryan Torrens, Democratic candidate for Florida attorney general, has called on Governor Rick Scott to reject the Trump administration’s request for Floridians’ confidential information as a part of an investigation into alleged voter fraud.

In a video released on July 3, 2017, Torrens noted that many other states have already rejected the voter data requests and called on Governor Scott to do the same. Torrens encouraged Floridians to call Governor Scott and demand that he refuse to turn over Floridians’ confidential information to the federal government. The information which has been requested by the Trump administration includes Floridians’ address, voting history since 2006, military status, and Social Security information.

“I call on Governor Scott to reject this request by the Trump administration and to protect our peoples’ data.” Torrens said.

Torrens further called on attorney general Pam Bondi to take a stand against this request for the confidential information of Florida voters.