Message to Governor Scott: Protect Our Voters Private Data

TAMPA, FL – Ryan Torrens, Democratic candidate for Florida attorney general, has called on Governor Rick Scott to reject the Trump administration’s request for Floridians’ confidential information as a part of an investigation into alleged voter fraud.

In a video released on July 3, 2017, Torrens noted that many other states have already rejected the voter data requests and called on Governor Scott to do the same. Torrens encouraged Floridians to call Governor Scott and demand that he refuse to turn over Floridians’ confidential information to the federal government. The information which has been requested by the Trump administration includes Floridians’ address, voting history since 2006, military status, and Social Security information.

“I call on Governor Scott to reject this request by the Trump administration and to protect our peoples’ data.” Torrens said.

Torrens further called on attorney general Pam Bondi to take a stand against this request for the confidential information of Florida voters.