Tampa Bay News 10: Ryan Torrens saved Riverview family home from foreclosure.

It was my pleasure to help Tina and Luis Lopez. This is just one example of a family I fought for. You will be hearing from many of these families throughout the course of this campaign. Again, actions speak louder than words.

I am a lawyer who represents working-class families. I have beat the biggest banks in court on behalf of our people. I fight for the little guy and now I want to fight for you. Everyone should follow the same rules, no matter how rich you are or how powerful you think you are.

It is time we have an attorney general who understands what it is like when someone loses their job and can’t pay their mortgage, when a single mom’s wages are garnished by a creditor, and when someone has to decide whether to feed their family or pay the rent.

I understand your problems and I want to fight for you. Watch this short video. It is just one example of who I am, what I stand for, and who I fight for.